project lekker


A delicious meal. A sunny afternoon spent outside. A crisp glass of wine. What do these things have in common? They’re all lekker! 

Lekker is a frequently used Dutch word describing all things pleasant that make you feel good. In its original form, the word lekker referred to a tasty or delectable meal. Take a seat in any Dutch café and you’re sure to hear it within minutes.



Brought together by fortunate happenstance, Aaron, a chef and restaurant owner in The Netherlands, and Meghan, a freelance graphic designer and newly-turned expat, decided to merge their creative talents. In the pursuit of love, adventure, and the promise of daily home cooked meals, Meghan was persuaded to join Aaron in Europe. Staying true to his word, Aaron’s culinary talents have yet to disappoint. Hundreds of recipes later, this blog was realized as a place for the two to collaborate, document, and share the lekker meals they love most.

Aaron is the primary chef behind all of the recipes found on this blog, while Meghan serves as photographer, writer and enthusiastic taste tester.